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  • SMS and EMAIL

    Communicate with students, parents, and employees on
    a more personal level by sending SMS text messages right
    to their mobile phones from BookCrust. Customize the SMS
    settings to deliver alerts when specific events occur in BookCrust.

About Us

Enable the parents keep a track of their wards progress and check
the attendance status.
Enable the teachers to share notes, create assignments and give tests online.
Enable the students to access the information anytime, anywhere.
Administrative staff can take better decisions using the analytics tool
Type of user’s who can login
- Administrative staff of the institute
- Data Entry staff
- Teachers
- Students
- Parents

Accuracy 80%
Reliability 85%
Security 75%
Graphic Design 100%
User friendly 90%



There is any update which the Institute wants to give to parents/students/teachers they can send a sms/email.


The Library module enables effective management of School Library. This system supports bar code & scanning capability to automate your library.

Transport Management

A complete solution for your transportation system. Tracks details of routes, trips, fee received and in due etc. Records fuel and related expenditures either on fortnight or monthly basis.

Attandance Management

Parents can check the attendance status of their wards by simply logging into the system and alerts are sent to parents if the student in absent on that day.

Inventory Management

All the schools consumables as well as durables can be managed through this module and the same can easily be sorted.

Financial Management

Integrated with fee module, the accounts module automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate accounts heads

Online Test And

Students can view notes and assingnment shared by teachers and comment on it, enabling them to share their views about a certain topic or the subject about which the note is shared.


Create graphical representation of the marks which helps the administrative staff to take better decisions and keep a track of the Institutes progress.


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